Slip and Fall

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorneys


When injured in a slip and fall in the Orlando area, an experienced personal injury attorney at The Orlando Injury Law Firm is ready to answer your questions and help you establish your claim. Our law firm offers a free consultation and an evaluation of your Injury claim.

The slip and fall lawyer at the Orlando Injury Law Firm will explain why it is important to hire a local, experienced attorney when dealing with an insurance company on behalf of your slip and fall Injury claim, and you will learn who is to blame and legally responsible for your slip, trip, or fall accident and the resulting injuries. The attorney will outline the claim process and detail which records, medical bills, and other documents are important in supporting your claim.

Slip and fall accidents can and do occur just about anywhere. When an injured person is unsure about whether to contact an attorney about a slip, trip or fall, it is best to contact our office and schedule a free consultation at your earliest opportunity. The extent of your injuries may not be immediately apparent and seeking medical treatment is recommended.

Your injuries may be the result of a dangerous condition, poor lighting, or the negligence of a property owner to properly maintain the premises. A premises liability claim should be evaluated by an experienced slip and fall attorney. It’s our job to hold the property owners accountable and make sure they’re held liable for your fall claim as result of their failure to properly maintain their property.

Pain and suffering, lost wages,, as well as, medical bills are part of slip and fall injuries. The Orlando Injury Law Firm, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is ready to represent you in settling your Injury claim. Please contact our office for a free evaluation of your slip and fall case.