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Nursing home residents in the State of Florida can experience several different types of elder abuse within a nursing home. Sadly, many senior citizens fall victim to neglect, financial abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or emotional abuse. As family members of a nursing home resident, you need to be aware if your loved one is being mistreated in the nursing home facility, they are currently living in.

Signs of nursing home abuse can often be seen as signs of old age, so it is important to recognize signs of abuse or mistreatment. Physical abuse can be seen in the form of bruising or bleeding, as well as over medication, physical restraints and force-feeding.

Other abuse warning signs can include:

  • bedsores
  • malnutrition
  • emotional withdraw
  • unexplained diseases or infections

If you suspect you or your loved one of being a victim of nursing home negligence or abuse contact us immediately. The Orlando Injury Law Firm will provide a free case evaluation.

One of the most common forms of abuse in assisted living facilities is financial abuse. Financial abuse occurs when the nursing home staff members take advantage of an elder’s monetary assets. This can include signing and cashing checks for their personal benefit or late bill payments.

In some cases, neglect can be unintentional, however there is still no excuse for it. Unintentional neglect occurs in understaffed Florida nursing homes where the staff becomes tired and overworked.  Also, under qualified staff who lack the proper training or education can lead to unintentional neglect.

The first thing a lawyer who specializes in nursing home abuse cases will do is meet with the family members or the elder who is filling the complaint. The lawyer will gather all necessary evidence needed to support the nursing home abuse claim. This can include photographs, witnesses and patient records.

If your family member is the victim of abuse of neglect in a care facility let the nursing home abuse lawyers at The Orlando Injury Law Firm see if we can help.